Friday, June 24, 2011

Jason Aldean - Dirt Road Anthem

The part about rumors and people needing to shut up is so true. Sometimes other people say things better then we could ourselves

Your Dog is a Puppy

     Whenever i meet a dog for the first time I always greet the dog as "puppy",and people always correct me saying that there dog is (insert age here). I don't care. Your dog could be the oldest dog on the freakin' planet and I would still greet it as "puppy". If a 30 year old man can act like a child, then your dog can be a puppy.

Cady Groves is the Shit

Yeah pretty much what the titles says. I don't listen to anything except her anymore, and i could make life decisions based off some of her tweets. And she gorgeous if i was dude and had a chance, definitely.

The Unamed Kitten

      We got a Kitteh,she's absolutely adorable,and currently unnamed. Name suggestions will be accepted. My stepmom begged my father for days until he caved and said yes.
     My step mom's step dad found her out behind my step mom's, uncle's car barn, well actually, their dog found her. There were a couple of storms out her a few weeks ago and they think she got seperated from her mama then. We think she's about 6-8 weeks old and she looks Siamese, with gorgeous blue eyes.

Bloggin' from Mississippi

      I am currently in Bailey, MS. I'm spending the summer here with my dad. So far we haven't done much,but we will soon and I'll do plenty of posts on what we do.
     What we have done is get a kitten, I'll do a whole post on her soon.