Thursday, November 24, 2011

No, I haven't forgotten you, and I want a Sugar Glider

Hey, so it's been a while. I haven't forgotten you, I just haven't really had a lot to blog about lately (suggestions would be great).

So, Happy Thanksgiving!

I have found the cutest little creatures ever.

Wait for it.


Sugar Gliders.

They are adorable and gorgeous. I want one so bad, unfortunately they're illegal in California.

It seems like all of the cool animals are illegal in California. Ferret's, Chinchilla's, my adorable Sugar Gliders.

Isn't California supposed to be the fun state?

:( They're like pillow pets, but warm and fuzzy and loving.

Apparently they bond to a specific human, and get all heart broken when that human isn't around. That's true love baby, who needs a man when you can have a Sugar Glider.

I think they're part of the Kangaroo family because a couple sites referred to the babies as "Joey"'s, which is what baby Kangaroos, right?

Imma go be depressed that I can't have one now.

Unless of course I decide to go to college in MS like my dad wants...

Or I could go to Illinois like I've always wanted.

Decisions decisions

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rebecca Black-Person of Interest Part 2

For some reason my previous post isn't showing up in my blogger app, so i'm just making a new post.

The song really isn't that bad, I actually kind of like it.

That's it.

I really wish she'd stop with the autotune though

Rebecca Black-Person of Interest

Oh Rebecca...

I thought you were going to do so well...

But looks like we're back to "Friday" quality...

Stop with the autotune, it's not needed

Sunday, November 13, 2011

You're Pro-what?

So, some of you might have seen this going around Facebook:
Find the gay person:

유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유

Can't do it?That's because they're humans too and we're all the same.

Copy and paste this as your status if you support gays、bisexuals and lesbians
Well, I posted it, and this girl I haven't talked to in like, three years commented this:
Find the pedophile:

유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유 유

Can't do it?That's because they're humans too and we're all the same.

Copy and paste this as your status if you support pedophiles and rapists.
And this is the conversation that happened after that, and honestly, I'm a little surprised, because both Alyssa and Paul are christian. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like that they were arguing pro-pedophilia. Am I crazy?
Rachel: ‎Alyssa, that's not even the same thing, please refrain from posting stuff like that on my statuses.
Alyssa: Sorry, I just felt like making a statement about the leftist society we live in today. I realize that was an exaggeration, but sometimes I wonder if someday it won't be..
Alyssa:  I don't mean to be picking on gays either, I love my gay friends, it's just that absolutely EVERYTHING seems to be becoming socially acceptable these days.
Rachel:  Pedophilia will NEVER be socially acceptable.
Alyssa:  Oh, you say that now. There once was a time when people said there will never be a day sex would be seen on television, and a kiss on the beach in a movie by a married couple was considered taboo.
Rachel:  Unless the world becomes a place where pedophiles are the majority, that's not going to happen. There's a huge difference between supporting gays, and supporting pedophiles. For one, Gay people aren't doing anything illegal by being gay.
Alyssa: But there was a time when being gay was illegal. Things chance.
Rachel:  I don't think there's a big possibilty of that changing. And it has nothing to do with this status, so it shouldn't have been brought up at all.
Alyssa:  I know, I'm sorry. This is the kind of thing I should really keep to myself. Would you be so kind as to delete this whole thing and forget about it?
Paul: actually rachel, your friend is right. just this past summer, members of the APA (American Psychiatric Association) met to discuss "normalizing" pedophelia. here's the link.

not only that - go to my wall and scroll down a bit - there is a video with a professor from princeton talking about beastiality being okay.
Rachel:  What I got from that is that they're trying to make it scientifically acceptable, not socially, I don't think anyone will ever be okay with someone touching their child or any child inappropriately.
Alyssa: You realize it is socially acceptable and totally legal in Saudi Arabia today, right? Apparently someone thought it was okay.
Rachel: I'd like to point out that this is NOT Saudi Arabia.
Patricia: I would like to point out that originally pedophilia was not against the law but now it is, making it so that it is becoming less socially acceptable. There has been laws against gays since the bible came about (potentially before), meaning gay rights are becoming more socially acceptable. So it is not the same thing.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nothing REALLY Prepares you for High School

I know I don't have the "usual" high school experience, since I was at an academy that had one hall way and never more that 120 students for the first two years, and then we combined with a "real" high school, but I think I have enough knowledge to say that NOTHING prepares you for high school.

Parents tell you that you should just worry about your grades, not your friends.

And T.V? They're probably the worst. Television and movies have the WORST representations of high school ever (Except Secret Life, that's surprisingly accurate). They give you this idea that there are these "popular" kids, that run the school and bully everyone, but honestly, most high schools are too big for there to be one group of people that everyone knows.

You're more likely to get stabbed in the back by your best friend than by and enemy. Which upsets me. A lot. I can handle enemies, they're whatever. They don't mean a thing to me. But when my best friend hurts me? I turn into a complete mess. I'm just not capable of dealing with someone I care about betraying me, it's not a skill I have.

Maybe I just chose the wrong group of people to be friends with. I know not all people in high school are like this, in fact, my junior friends have the LEAST amount of drama. And I'm jealous of them. I WISH my life was that drama free. I WISH that my friends didn't feel the need to talk about everyone and everything.

And you know what pisses me off the most?

I'm one of the most honest people ever. I HATE lying, and by association I hate liars. If I have a problem, I tell you. And if I do talk about you, I'll tell you. But somehow I STILL get people saying that I talk about people behind their backs.

Oh, and the double standards people seem to have, "Oh, when I do it it's venting , but when you it it's talking crap." Seriously? Everyone needs to vent sometimes, and most of the time, I don't even mean what I say when I'm venting, I just need to let off steam, which is exactly what venting is for.

I can't wait for high school to be over.

I'm not even sure I'm going to post this...

Stressed and drama-free for the moment,

This is What Happens at Slumber Parties...

Klaire and I really wanted to do "Edge of Glory"

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Invasion by Jon S. Lewis


Invasion is the story of Colt McAlister, who's parents just died in a car accident. He moves to Arizona with his Grandfather and recieve's a phone call that makes him think his parent's deaths might not have been what they seemed. After that he gets thrown into a world he thought only existed in comic books.

So, I read this book in literally one day. I was hooked. The story was very engaging, the character's were believable, and it was very unique. I can't wait to pick up the second one, as soon as I get the money I'll be going to buy it.

Definitely recommend it.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com <http://BookSneeze®.com> book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 <> : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dear Sprint,

I've spent the last hour trying to get my phone to work.

Last night I plugged my phone in to charge and went to sleep, the phone was on.

This morning I woke up and reached for my phone, and it was off. This wasn't all that unusual because my phone likes to turn itself off sometimes. I tried to turn it on and it wouldn't. I took that battery out, I begged I pleaded, nothing.

So, because I'm lazy and don't want to go to the Sprint store this early, I went to their website. They have this thing where you can chat with a representitive to get help. It's almost as unhelpful as their phone representitives.

While I was chatting with the representitive my phone turned itself on, I was extactic, until I saw that it said it was only 5% charged and it turned itself off...

My phone was on the charger all night, how on earth could it possibly be only 5% charged?

I'm annoyed.

Anyway, I got fed up with the representitive and X-ed out, I've since gotten my phone to charge, but if I'm still having problems I'm going to take my phone into the store on Sunday.

It's now made it to 20%

Also, I'm blogging from my friends computer, I'm staying the weekend with her.

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Annoyed and Phoneless,

Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Writing Blog

So, I decided on "Flatter the Writer" for my new blogs title. I would love it if you all would go over and check it out. I don't have any writing up yet, but you should follow so you know when I do put things up :). I'm a little terrified because I haven't shared my writing with anyone in about three years.

I'll still be posting writing advice and NaNo stuff here, the new blog is only for things I wrote.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ask me questions about anything

National Novel Writing Month: Day 2

Ugh. Today is not going well. I don't even thing I made to 1000 words today. Fail.

Post have been so short lately, but at least I'm posting.

Anyone interested in guest posting?

With lots of fail,

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I really need your help. Desperately.

Okay, so I've been asking people on twitter for help for like 2 weeks, and nobodies replied. But, I am hoping that you guys would be more willing to help.

I want to start a new blog just for posting the things that I write, however, I need a title. I can't for the life of me come up with one. So, I asked a question on the FB page asking people to help. If you could leave suggestions there or over here, that'd be awesome. Whoever's title I pick will get my eternal gratitude, A giant virtual cookie, and a spot light in the "Friends with WTRAC" section.

Please Please Please Please Please.

Can I Count Blog Posts Towards my Word Count?


So, it's still the first day of NaNo (at least where I live). I hit 2,000 during the first hour, so I'm good for today and figured I'd write a post (I'm such a procrastinator, I should really get working on tomorrow's word count.) It's going well so far... Just wanted to stop by, I really don't have anything else to say...

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