Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Third Wheel


So, my best friend, Lena, is kind of a player. Kind of because,well, she can't go one dates by herself, she's too afraid, so me and my other best friend, Stephanie, always end up being the "third wheels" on her dates. We always say we're going to make her grow up and go out by herself, but we never do.

Yesterday the three of us went to a mall a little ways away from where we live, because Lena wanted to hang out, on the way home she told us she wanted to hang out with her latest boy toy, even though we were supposed to be having a girls day. I told that he could dome hang out with us for a little bit, and he brought a friend, and it was really awkward. I am so not a people person and I'm totally weird in social situations.

Have you ever been a third wheel with your friend and a guy?

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  1. Oh gosh I can totally relate to this I always had to with this one girl and you really do fell awkward so glad I don't now tehe.


  2. Umm I am totally always a third wheel but I love it because there will this awkward silence during a first date so i just start talking about something super random. It's funny because when you first meet me I am a really shy person but when I am with my friends I am super outgoing so its like random but I LOVE it :)