Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Performing Arts and Homosexuality

        So, let's start with the reason for this post. I go to a performing arts high school that has been relocated due to budget cuts, we now share a campus with a regular high school, and they hate us, completely. Every time a group of us walk by they say something derogatory, and it usually has to do with being gay.
      I don't understand why everybody thinks that everyone that does performing arts is gay. In my schools three year existence we've had one gay person, one.
      Why is it that people in Hollywood don't have to deal with this stereotype?
They do the exact same thing we do, except that we do it onstage and have to get things perfect for every night of the production and people in Hollywood only have to it right once and then it's on tape that way forever.
    I'm baffled that people can be so judgmental, sometimes i even hear derogatory comments from their schools theater program, it doesn't make any sense when they're into the same things that we are, the only difference is that we made our entire high school education to making our dreams of being performers come true, it's not just something we do after school so we have something to put on a college application.

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