Wednesday, October 13, 2010


        Today I had my first real experience with yoga. It wasn't really my first experience, but my first REAL one, the others were in my acting class and all we did was sun salutations. Today I had a real yoga class. I take a dance class at my school and today we were supposed to be finishing the choreography for our show, but the Sophomores had to take the PSATs today, and one of the testing rooms was right across from us, so we had to do yoga ('cause it's quiet. Shhhh!). It was fun, except that I pulled to muscles (one in my shoulder and one in my leg).
 At the very end when we were doing corpse pose and it was uncomfortable because my back hurt.
       Yoga is supposed to calm you, right? Well, it had the opposite effect on my friend, when we went to acting afterwards he was really pissed off.
       After school that day I was sitting on the steps to the dance room waiting for my ride to call, and when she finally did, I couldn't get up, the muscle I had pulled made my leg feel like it was being ripped apart by a rabid bear.
     Moral of the story? Be careful when doing yoga, don't over extend your muscles.

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