Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Guest Post: Dilpreet Bhagrath

 Recently I was contacted by Dilpreet, she wanted to write a guest post. So, I figured, since I don't really have time for blogging right now, why not have some guests posts? I have since been contacted by three other people, if you are interested just send me an email. fred_the_leaf@yahoo.com

Also, I'm in love with her writing style.

Glam Up Your Bedroom Today
A girl’s bedroom is not simply where she sleeps, but so, so much more. It’s their escape, their sanctuary, a place where they can chill out and listen to their favourite music, delve into their favourite book - or run away from their annoying brother!
As your bedroom is so important, you should decorate it to reflect your personality. There’s nothing too crazy when decorating as you shouldn’t follow the crowd and go for the norm, but create the right mood where YOU feel comfortable.
There are many ways you can glam up your room. First of all, invest in super-soft and comfy duvets and bed linen, as if you don’t like getting into bed, you won’t want to stay in your room. Plus, we all know how cranky everyone becomes if they haven’t had a good night’s sleep.
Next, find one of the many funky and cheap rugs online as rugs are a great way to divide your room into different areas and they add some glamour.
Other great ideas are scented candles, with you choosing a scent to match your personality. For example, you can get a strawberry cheesecake candle if you have a sweet tooth.
If you’re really creative, you could even make your own sketch or painting. Or if you’re not, you can find a cheap one in a second hand shop.
These small changes will glam up your bedroom and give you a fresh and exciting start for the new year!

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