Sunday, January 15, 2012

Guest Post: Empowering Yourself Through Fashion by Jackie Clark

Empowering Yourself Through Fashion
By: Jackie Clark 

After a cancer diagnosis, your world seems to change.  Priorities are rearranged, nothing is taken for granted anymore, and your eyes seem to be open to so much more going on around you.  In a time when your very identity seems to be in crisis, it is easy to feel as though whatever power you once held has been wrenched from your grasp, leaving you helpless and vulnerable.  Whether you were faced with a prognosis of  HYPERLINK "" mesothelioma,  HYPERLINK "" breast cancer, or any number of other cancers, the feeling of vulnerability reaches across the board.  But it does not have to take hold of your life or define you as a person.  When so much about you, your life, and your body is changing, it is extremely important to reach for opportunities that remind you of your beauty, grace and power as a woman.    Life after a cancer  HYPERLINK "" prognosis is hard, and filled with so many different questions.  But one thing you should never question is your value and allure as a woman.  An easy and fun way to remind yourself of your own beauty is through fashion.  Nothing can display your unique personality and tastes like a great outfit.  A flirty pair of high heels, jeans that look like they were made just for your body, or the perfect blazer can add excitement and joy to your closet and in turn give your attitude a boost.  With any number of trends coming and going on a regular basis, it is important to stock your wardrobe with a few classic pieces.  Jeans, trousers, a great button-down shirt, a solid-colored skirt that emphasizes your body's strengths, a soft cardigan, and a little black dress are some of the most common pieces to be found in women's closets.  But even these basics can have a little flair to reflect your personality.  Interesting shapes on your skirt, or a couple of lace embellishments on your black dress make these timeless clothes cater to your personality.  To really add excitement to your daily look, consider accessories.  These can be traded in and out of your wardrobe as trends change, and are usually less expensive than articles of clothing.  Show off your individuality with a leopard-print ballet flat, or a shimmery lightweight scarf.  A great pair of earrings or funky necklace can change your whole perception of an outfit.  Play with accessories to get more miles out of your staple outfits.  Whatever your fashion sense, your clothes should translate it into something for the world to see and appreciate.  Celebrate your beauty, strength and confidence by what you put on your body every single day.  After all, happiness is only as far away as the next pair of gorgeous shoes...or jeans...or whatever!

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