Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cursing in Blogs


A few days ago I ran across a blog where literally every other word is the "F" word. I was flabbergasted, do people actually think that using language like that is impressive? I'm not saying I don't curse, but I certainly don't do it on my blog, and when I do use it it's to emphasize a point (or because I hurt myself...). I get that it's the internet, and that kind of language is to be expected, but you should treat your blog like a business, and I would personally never want to be associated with a business that uses that kind of language.

Your opinions?

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  1. Agreed. Its totally inappropriate

  2. I agree with your thoughts on cursing in a blog. Someone has the complete right to do that, but if you are trying to attract a broad audience the person should be aware that some people might be turned off by that.

    I suppose if the people they are trying to get to read their blog are completely into that then they are doing their job.