Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On Writing: NaNoWriMo: Organizing


Gonna talk about organizing today!! So, I've tried a couple different organizing strategies in the past that haven't gone so well, but I think I've found the perfect system for me.

-1inch 3-ring binder
-5 Dividers
-Loose-leaf paper
-Flash drive
-Composition books (I'm thinking I'll use at least 4)

-I Inch 3-Ring Binder:
     -I'm just going with a really simple one I got for a dollar, it's black and does what I need it to do.
-5 Dividers
    -I labelled these
       -Character Profiles
       -Solo Scenes
       -2nd Draft
-Loose-Leaf Paper
     -Make sure you have plenty of this, you'll need it. I'm starting with 2 150 packs, but I'll probably get tons        more by the time November is over.
-Flash Drive
     -At the end of each week I'll be transfering the 2nd draft into a third draft which will be kept on my flash         drive.
-Composition Books
     -This is where I'll be writing the first draft. They fit easily into my school bags and purses, so I can take them out and write anytime I feel inspired.

That's it for now!!

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