Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bullying, Alcohol and School

I know that bullying is kind of a hot topic right now, and it's kinda just a coincidence, this post was actually inspired by something that happened today, I can't give specifics because it's still being investigated, but I just want to talk about some things.

Not okay, at all. It doesn't make you look tough, or cool, you just look dumb and weak. Kids, barely old enough to be out past 9PM are killing themselves because of bullying and it needs to be stopped. And if you see someone being bullied, say something, don't just sit there and watch it happen. I saw a crowd of over twenty people sit there and do nothing while someone was obviously getting bullied (Don't worry, a couple friends and I went over and stopped him, and one of us went and got security). It made me sick, because a lot of the people sitting there claimed to be anti-bullying.

Alcohol and School:
Don't bring alcohol to school, it doesn't make you seem cool. And don't walk up to people who you know are against alcohol and offer them "wine" (we have a couple theory's about what was actually in that bottle). And don't go around bragging about it, we will turn you in. Alcohol is dangerous. It destroys lifes, family's, friendships, it destroys everything, I've seen it happen.

I just hope that when the time comes, you guys make the right decision.

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