Sunday, September 25, 2011

On Writing: National Novel Writing Month


So, does anyone here do NaNoWriMo?

Oh, you don't know what it is?

Well, basically, you have 30 days (November) to write a 50,000 word Novel. Website

Have you done it? Are you planning on doing it? What are your experiences with NaNo? What are you expecting this year?

If you'd like to do a guest post talking about NaNo and your experiences with it/what you're expecting, please email me at I'd like the majority of the posts in by Oct. 3, but if you'll need more time just let me know.

NaNo Questionaire!!

Have an outline? I've tried doing NaNo with an outline before, and it just felt too restricting, so I won't be using one this year
Scene-by-scene? I'll be writing whatever pops into my head, it'll probably be a lot of random out of order garbage.
Know how it starts? Yes, probably the only part that's going to be planned.
Know how it ends?  No, idea.
Have your climax in order?  Nope.
Know your main characters yet?  One of my mains first name is Jenna, I haven't chosen others
Have a particular tone in mind?  It'll change as the story progresses, starts happy, sad, content
Plan to draw on your own experiences? Nope, but if someone else would be willing to that'd be awesome
Funny?  No
Serious?  A little
Sad?  It'll have moments
Semi-Autobiographical?  My original idea was actually to write a 3 part autobiography, but I've changed my mind, I'll probably still do it someday
Based on another story? It was sort of inspired by the "In the Garden" Trilogy by Nora Roberts, but the differences are huge.
A paper journal?  The little I've planned is in a composition notebook
Pens?  Yes
Multicoloured pens? I've tried writing each scene in a different color, but switching pens just takes up too much time
A computer?  I'll probably do most of it in a notebook and then transfer to a word document at the end of each day
Index cards? Yes.
Bulleted lists?  I have.
Plot charts?  No.
Character charts?  Not really my style
Character formulas?  Not sure what this is...
Favourite writing resource?  The forums.
A line you would like to use:  "I think fate needs to but the fuck out"
A scene you would like to include:
A scene that shows significant character growth
A concept you would like to explore: personal Growth through pain
A cliché you would like to avoid:  I'm not sure...
A character you would like to use:  I don't really have any characters I'd like to use, most from other stories are from completely different parts of the world most of my stories take place in
Do you expect to be able to complete it? I think I'll get to 50,000 words, but the story probably wont be done by the end of November, but yes
Do you intend to complete it? Yes. But will I? Who knows what course life will take?
Would you ever try to publish it? After I spend 2 years editing it.

What do you expect to get out of this month of frantic writing? A giant pile of literary (it took me like ten minutes to think of that word) crap.

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