Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back To School: Preperation Tips

I hope you enjoy this! I will have more back to school posts about different thing when it gets closer to back to school dates. Please leave what date you go back to school in the comments-- thanks!
  1. Get back into your school habits. During the summer, I sleep in and stay up late. A couple days before you go back, get back into your habits and routines. This should help for when you wake up on your first day.
  2. What to buy for clothes school shopping!?!? I would definitely buy essentials: jeans, some skirt and tees. Get things that you can wear over and over again and can wear with many things. Also try to get one dressy thing like a skirt and a frilly/lace top.
  3. Reuse school supplies. When summer comes to an end, before I go school shopping, I look at what I have at home or from last year (pens, paper, scissors). Save those things and use them for the next year. It all adds up and this will end up saving a lot of money!
  4. Fresh start! When school starts, I love getting something fresh or new, like a new haircut, or buying some fun new products. I like getting my haircut done before school starts that way I can come back with polished and nice hair! 
  5. Decorate your locker. If you have a locker, I suggest decorating it-- nothing big, but adding something fun! I like putting up colorful locker shelves, pictures, and adding some personal touches!
  6. Carry a tote and water. When I go around school, I don't want to be carry my backpack full of books everywhere. I would get a tote bag. They have lots of them at different stores and range with different designs and prices. I got mine from Roxy. I'll carry my homework to and from school with my books in my backpack, but when I'm around campus, I'll use my tote. I also carry a water bottle with me-- It's Eco friendly and comes in handy.
  7. UNIFORMS: I don't currently wear a uniform, but I have worn them in the past years. I didn't preferably like them, especially because they were really strict. If you have a strict uniform, I would say don't break the rules dramatically, but If they say socks above the ankles, and you like your socks shorter (like me), go with it. If you want to wear makeup, than natural: powder, lip gloss, and maybe a little contouring (save mascara and blush for weekends). You can also do your hair really nice everyday for something to spice up your look. If you have a less strict uniform, than paint your nails, do your hair nice, and get away with a little makeup (if these rules apply with your school rules). If you aren't aloud to wear nail polish, than do pastels, but you can always curl or straighten your hair and wear a little makeup. I'll be doing a back to school makeup and clothing looks for public and private schools when it comes closer to back to school. 
Hope you enjoyed it :) I know summer is not yet over, but I wanted to get this up for those who go back to school early or people who like to get there back to school supplies early. Look out for more in my back to school series! Thanks! 
XOXO Charlotte

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