Monday, July 25, 2011

The Clique Series by Lisi Harrison


 I've been doing most of my books reviews from memory because I don't have the books with me, but I happen to have most of this series on my Nook. 

 I haven't read the entire series, I've read 1-2 and 7-13.  I liked these books. They were funny and kept me entertained. I've never really understood how people can care so much about what people think, because I've never really cared. Massie is a really interesting character even if she is a bit vapid. I will never understand how the other girls put up with her for so long, but it's nice to see them grow and develop. It's very often that you find a series where the characters actually go through character development. Most authors get to know their characters so well in the first book that they have trouble making the characters grow. Kudos to Lisi Harrison.

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