Thursday, July 28, 2011

Highschool: DAPA

How many of you are starting highschool or going into your next year of highschool? A lot of you? Just what I thought. How many of you are terrified? I definately am. On August 22nd I will be starting a senior year of highschool, and i am completely terrified. I'm so not ready to grow up and everytime somebody brings up college I walk away and pretend I can't here them. So, in an attempt to distract myself from my impending senior year, I'm going to focus on the past three years (I think this is going to be counterproductive, oh well).

I go to a small performing arts school, it's not even four years old yet, but I'm so proud of this school, we have been through so much. The school is a little different from our grading scale to dancing and singing in the hallway (like Glee except less lame).

Freshman Year: I remember being scared to death before my freshman year. I was starting a new school and I didn't think I was going to make friends. There were less than 80 people in my school, how could I possibly find friends with so few people. I was so wrong, I met the most amazing people in the world, I wouldn't trade my friends for anything. Even if you aren't lucky enough to go to a small school where everybody becomes friends, find your group, find the people you have things in common with, find people who will have your back no matter what happens. Make sure you find people you can trust, I've made the mistake of trusting the wrong people, and it doesn't end well no matter how old you are.

Sophomore Year. Sophomore year I was excited, I couldn't wait to see my friends again. But, there was also some nervousness, we were adding a new group of freshman in, we were doubling our students, would they click with us? They did, with the new people our bond as a school and a family was made so much stronger. They didn't click right away, but we made it work. The year also started off with some drama, which I hate, but is unavoidable at a school as small as ours. I mostly try to avoid it, but I always get stuck in the middle, playing referee. Sophomore year was probably one of the best years of my life. Have fun, stay close with those great friends you made in freshman year, and stay true to who you are. Always.

 This year we had a huge change, the district couldn't afford to keep us on our own campus anymore, we just didn't have the numbers. We would have to move.  I remember all of us being terrified that our family would be seperated, that our school that we had worked so hard to build would come crumbling down around us. And then we got the news, the next year we would be moving to one of the "real" highschools campuses. It was a mixture of relief, sadness, anger, and fear. Highschool kids are known for not being the most accepting people in the world, especiall towards the performing arts. We didn't have a lot of guys, but those we did have were terrified that they were going to be beat up because they are performing artists.

Junior Year: The change was hard on all of us, it was like starting highschool all over again, except this time it's a real highschool. Grades dropped, we had more crying, and people dropping out of our school than ever before.  I really don't have much to say about this year, it wasn't my most favorite times, but we made it through, by the end of the year the other schools performing arts program was like part of us (although, I think there's still some issues with the dance department). There was a small amount of bullying from people outside the Performing Arts program, but for the most part we were left alone. One thing I'm glad about though, is my new friends from that school. I seem to be friends with a lot of bipolar guys, but I love them anyway.

Just keep pushing through, you'll make it

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  1. I totally feel you! I'm going to be a senior next year and it IS kinda scary! Escpecially since it seems like i'm growing up so fast!

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  2. I know right, I just wanna stop time. I'm so not ready.

    Thank you.


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  4. Thanks!

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