Wednesday, July 13, 2011

You, Are Not A Dog Whisperer

I know several people who watch Dog Whisperer. A show starring Cesar Millan, he helps people deal with common dog behavior problems. People who watch this show seem to think that watching it means that they are qualified to help other people with their dog problems. It doesn't. When I'm around people like that I kinda just wanna punch them in the face.
Every dog is different, so just because there was an episode showing a dog doing something similar to what your friends/family member's dog, does not mean that the dog on he shows problem is the same reason why your friend's/family member's dog is doing it. And you'll most likely make the problem worse by "misdiagnosing" the dog.

Also, I think that Cesar Millan is an idiot, I mean the stuff he does works, but who wants to study dog phsycology?

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