Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rebecca Black's New Single "My Moment"

Surprisingly, I kind of like it. I've said since the beggining that if there hadn't been so much autotune on "Friday" it wouldn't have gotten her famous as quickly, but it would have gotten her famous because of her talent, instead of getting famous because it was infamous.

It was the people who produced "Friday" that chose to put the autotune on the song, Rebecca had nothing to do with it. They were questioned wbout why they put autotune on it, and said that her voice was pitch perfect, there was no need for the autotune. Rebecca did an interview where she sang live and she sounded great


  1. I really loved My Moment too. I think she has an amazing career ahead of her :)


  2. I think it really depends on the choices she makes, if she let's the producers make all the decisions like she did with "Friday" then she's going to flop, but if she sticks to what she wants then I think she'll do well.