Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Pepsi vs Coke Debate


Most people have heard of the Pespi vs. Coke debate, well it's time to put my own two cents in. My entire life my family and I have been Pepsi people, if you bring a coke to a family thing you will be put in the corner (kidding, kinda), but recently I've been drinking more Coke (Mainly because I can get it at the dollar store #I'mbroke)and I've decided that it's a tie. Although if I absolutely had to choose it'd probably be pepsi, 'cause coke is just a watered down version of Pepsi.

I'd also like to talk about the Mountain Dew vs Sprite, I definately choose Mountain Dew.

And I think there's something going on between Dr. Pepper and Rootbeer, so I choose Dr. Pepper because root beer is just Gross. Unless it's in a Rootbeer float of course.

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  1. LOL this is a funny post :)
    I am a pepsi fan all the way!
    It just has a little bit of a sweeter taste and less of a bite to it :) I prefer diet pepsie though.

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  2. I used to drink diet pepsi all the time until I found out some gross things about aspartame.


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