Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Technology Detox


A recent study, that I read about here, showed that going offline is just as hard as giving up drinking or smoking. I've decided to test this theory, except I'm going to double the amount of time. I'm going to do a technology detox. For 48 hours starting at midnight my time, I will not be going anywhere near technology. I will not touch my computer, my phone will be off except for emergencies. I've already pre-written and scheduled the posts for the next two days to be posted, so you'll still get your We Throw Rocks At Cars fix. Although, I do encourage you to do your own technology detox, it'll be fun to see what things we come up with to do without technology. At the end I'll post results.

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  1. thats such a good idea, im defs doing that too!
    awesome blogs btw, i'm following u, follow back?