Monday, July 18, 2011

Teens and Internet "Dating"

Lately and increasing number of my friends have been playing games like WOW or Perfect world, or any other online game, and meeting guys. After a couple of days of talking to those guys they say that they are "dating".

Honestly, if i met a guy online who wanted to date I would wonder what's wrong with him that he can't get a girl in real life.
 It's really pathetic that he's skulking around the internet trying to "date" girls. How do you know he's not some 30 year old creep sitting in his mother's basement? Oh, he sent you a picture? That's great i'm sure it's real, he couldn't of gotten it off of google or anything. That's totally not a possibility.

And how can you call it dating if you don't know whether he's lying to you or not. It's a lot harder to tell if someone's lying through IM/Test/email

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