Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Split California in Two?!?


In my opinion splitting California in two would be a horrible idea. One of the problems that the split will supposedly "solve" is the budget problem, how in the world is that possible? Splitting California into 2 would require a major overhaul of the original governing parties and the creation of new ones for the new state, which would only cost MORE money. When will the government realise that spending money we don't have wont fix the budget problem?
 We need the people who HAVE money, to spend money, the rich, and we need to stop giving them tax breaks, the excuse for giving them tax breaks is that if they have to pay taxes they wont have the money to help stimulate local economies, but they're not spending money in local economies, they're buying everything from outside the U.S. GROW A BRAIN GOVERNMENT! Please.

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