Monday, August 1, 2011

Emma Stone


Today I'm going to talk about my obssesion with Emma Stone. And when I say obsession, I mean obsession. I've seen every movie she's been in, which I know hasn't been many, but for me to go see a movie just because a certain person's in it, that's quite the event. I've never really been one to have a favorite actor/actress, which is weird because most people who want to act have a favorite actor or actress, my interest in acting has nothing to do with famous people. Anyway, back to Emma Stone. I love her, she has great comedic timing and she looks amazing as a redhead, I'm still working on liking her as a blond, her skin tone just doesn't look good with  blond hair, but I'll probably still go see "The Help" because I love her and the story looks good. I'm going to get the book and read it first though, so I can do a compare and contrast for you guys.

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1 comment:

  1. I love this girl myself, i'm just as obsessed as you :) XxX