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I'm pretty sure you guys don't know this, but I love horror movies, I especially love horror movies that are based of true stories. I've been watching horror movies for as long as I can remember, in fact, on of my earliest memories is watching Thirteen Ghosts (all 3 versions) with my dad. That's probably my all time favorite movie.

I think my love comes from the fact that I believe in ghosts, and demons, and poltergeists (speaking of, The Poltergeist movies are amazing), I've believed in them my whole life. And (you're gonna think I'm crazy) I've been stalked by some sort of paranormal being for my entire life. He's an old man in a trench coat and top hat, but I've only ever seen him from behind, whenever I look behind me he's dissapearing behind a corner.

I guess I should start from the begining. I'm going to do this in a sort of "short story" way instead of linearly.

The Green Hand
-This is probably the most not believable part of this whole thing, the green hand. Some people say that it was just a green latex glove that someone was using to trick us, but I know that's not true. When I was little we lived in and apartment complex in my home town, and one day this green hand just showed up, it wasn't bloody, it was just green and kind of bruised and lumpy looking. It would just appear in random places, and eventually we got so freaked out that we braved touching it so we could throw it away. We tossed it in the dumpster and watched the garbage man take it away. And we thought that was the end of it, and it almost was. When I was ten we were in the car and the green hand was hanging out of the truck of the car in front of us. That was the last I saw of it.

The "Pilgrims"
-When I was 5 we moved to a new city, into a house. Well, I used to be unable to sleep with my door closed, until one night, It was midnight, and I look at my doorway, there are four people standing in my doorway, they're waying clothes similar to pilgrims, and they're covered in blood. I saw them a few more times and  started sleeping with my door closed.

My Nana
-About a year after my Nana died, me and my cousin were out trick-or-treating by ourselfs, we were a couple blocks away from my cousins house, when we hear my Nana's voice telling us to get home quickly. And if my cousin hadn't heard it too I would have thought I was crazy, but she did. And the next day we found out that a little ways away from where were a little boy had almost been hit by a car.

As I've gotten older the experiences have been happening less often, but I still believe. Call me crazy if you want, but you have your beliefs and I have mine.

Oh, If you didn't get the point of this post, this is the begining of my horror movie review "series"

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  1. Wow! I love paranormal stuff! These types of stories cease to amaze me.