Thursday, August 11, 2011

On Writing: Strong Female Characters in Todays Literature...They Don't Exist...


Todays post is the first post about writing, I've casually mentioned my writing before, but I haven't gone into details. Mostly because I have friends who read this and they don't really know that I write, it never comes up. (If you liked to read my writing you can find it Here, I've been really lazy about posting but, I'm determined to be more active.) Now, on to the post.

Strong female characters in todays Literature. I haven't read a book that was published after 1998 that has a strong female main character in a long time. It seems like everybody's writing about women who depend on men to be all big and bad and save them (I'll go on a feminist rant later). I'm not saying that the guy can't be the hero and save the day in the end, but I'm a bit tired of reading about girls who whine and talk about how dreamy the guys eyes are, I'd much rather read about a girl who actually does something.

The sad part about this new trend, is that these books are usually written by strong women. I just understand why they aren't writing about strong female characters, I know they're capable of it because they're decent writers. It has to be lack of characterisation, a lot of people don't realize that creating characters is a lot harder than naming them and deciding what they look like, you have to flesh them out and mold them into real people, otherwise you end up with flat two-dimensional characters that people don't want to read about, essentially, weak characters. But there's still no excuse for the agents, editors, and publishers that let stuff like that slip by.

One of my favorite books, In the Forest of the Night (Review found Here), doesn't have the best writing (she was 13 when she wrote it), but the main character is strong, still a bit two dimensional, but strong, and if a 13 year old can create a string female character, than these older women can. I know it's hard, I struggle with it, and I have to admit, my baby, the book I've been working on since I was 12, has a weak main female character, but I work everyday on making her stronger and more believable, just like I do with myself.

I guess another reason people create weak female characters is because of inexperience. A lot of these books are written by people who woke up one day and decided to write a book about the latest "trend" subject, and a month later they have the first draft done and it somehow gets published. And though I'm a little jealous that they can do that and get away with it, I'd much rather get published because my books are well written and have strong characters, than get published because my book follows a trend.

Anyway, I need some suggestions for books, what are some of your favorites?

Would you guys like to see more posts about writing?

Would you want to see a book collection post/ video? (It would be really long if I went through all my post in a single post, so I might do a couple videos on it and post them.)

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