Saturday, August 13, 2011

Paranormal Activity 3



I feel like the only movie posts I've done have been me complaining about how much movies coming out are gonna suck, but honestly, how is the Paranormal Activity series successful? I remember when the first one came out, all the previews said it was "Pee your pants scary" and all that happened was that the Weegie board catches itself on fire. Which is unrealistic because fire is the only thing that can destroy a Weegie board, why would it try to destroy itself. Oh, and the chick gets possessed and kills her husband, but they don't even show that part. I was actually laughing the entire time.

The second one we had a sort of family movie night, and well, it was so boring we all pretty much asleep by the end. A few moving doors and a floating baby? This is what society says is terrifying? Maybe if your experiencing it, maybe, but until they come up with a way to experience movies with all five senses, they need to be focusing on making scary movies scary to the eyes and ears.

Paranormal Activity 3 looks to be just as lame as the first two.

Honestly, this probably started out as a low budget college project (real my ass) that's just gotten out of control and is just going  to cost the creators money in the end.

And it comes out October 21, my birthday. Also, if your into that one guy who said we were all gonna die on May 21, that day was changed to October 21. My birthday's shaping up to be awesome.

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  1. Oh my gosh! I know how you feel!!!I went and saw it excited thinking it would be scary, when it wasn't even!!! The scariest movie i've seen in a long time is Insidious. Have you seen that?

  2. No, I haven't seen insidious yet, but I want to.