Thursday, August 11, 2011

That One Time When I Met Buster Posey


This is a story about the time I met Buster Posey, it'll probably get confusing and messy, but please bare with me.

If you don't know who Buster Posey is, he's a pitcher (I think) for the San Francisco Giants. A few months ago during spring break my friend Gabbi and I were meeting my friend Jeanette in SF,who happens to be obsessed with baseball and Buster Posey. Well, Jeanette's sister had gotten one of those insiders tips that Posey was going to a few random Bank of Americas in SF. Well, of course we have to try and find him. We start driving around stopping at the BoA's that we see with Gabbi, Jeanette's sister and me all searching the internet for clues. I mean, it's logical to assume that SOMEBODY would be bragging on twitter or facebook, but nothing. Until about an hour before the "event" is supposed to end, on twitter some company had posted where Posey was going to be for the rest of the "event". Well, were a little ways away from the bank and we had to pick up Jeanette's niece in a half hour. So what do we do? We speed, we ran a few stop signs, and maybe a couple yellow lights, but we made it, and Jeanette and her sister were very excited, Jeanette almost tackled him. Oh, and I made the mistake of saying I don't care about baseball in a room full of rabid baseball fans...

He was a lot younger than I was expecting (I don't really follow baseball) , and he was kind of awkward and shy, I don't think he ever expected to be as popular as he is.
It was fun, even for someone like me who doesn't like to watch baseball, I'd rather play it. Afterwards we went to The Dugout (Giants merchandise store) and Pier 39(?). At pier 39 (?) I almost got a onesie for my niece that said "You think I'm cute? Take a look at my aunt." But my brother would have killed me...

Here's a picture of Jeanette, her sister and Posey:

**Pleas don't speed, run stop signs, or yellow lights. It was dangerous and stupid, and if I had been the one driving it wouldn't have happened. Thank you!

Oh, and we convinced Gabbi that Taj Mahal is in SF. 

**EDIT** Jeanette just informed me that Posey is a catcher.

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