Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Tips for Blogging


I know a lot of people struggle with getting views, followers, and topics for their blogs, this is a list of things I did to get my blog known (even though its just a little bit known, it's still more than I had in the beggining)

-Have a memorable/interesting blog name.
     -I'm not saying that you should pick the craziest blog name ever, but you do need something that is going to catch peoples eye.
-Blog about stuff that you know and interests you.
     -You could be writing the best, most grammatically correct things in the world, but if there's no knowledge or interest behind it, you're going to flop.
-Promote, promote, promote!
     -Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell random people on the street. Sign up for blog directories. Tweet about it, Facebook about it. Email everybody you went to highschool with. Blogger's "Next Blog" feature can only get you so far. I use Technorati and Blogged to help get views and followers.
-Try to stay current
     If you're talking about something that happened twenty years ago, people are going to be asking "who cares" and X-ing out of the window.
     Networking online for your blog is just as important as networking for a job. Comment on similar blogs, then after your signature link your blog. Guesty write, make friends.

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