Thursday, August 18, 2011

Red Riding Hood



I felt a little disappointed with this movie. I mean, it was a great movie and the acting(I love Amanda Seyfried)  was better than the acting in other movies by this director (She directed Twilight). But, I felt like they marketed this as a horror movie, and it just wasn't, I guess it was kind of suspenseful, but I was really disapointed. Also, the ending was really lame. There was no indication at all that is was the father and when they reveal the villian at the end, the viewer should be able to look back and say "I should've seen that!!" and my friend and I couldn't say that.

And I didn't like the way they incorporated the original story into this movie, I think they should have left it out completely, it just didn't work.

In case you're wondering we thought the wolf was the boyfriend, the ex-fiance, the grandma, the creepy random guy, or the priest (I don't think he was a priest, that's just what we were calling him, we didn't hear the characters names, so we made up our own).

If this movie had been marketed correctly I would have given it 5 stars, but because it wasn't I'm giving it 3.

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