Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My School Bag!!


So, I start school on Monday (boo!), and yesterday me and my best friend (follow her on Twitter, she's kind of hilarious) went bag shopping, and this is what I got:
It's Hadaki by Kalencom Brickabrack Tote Pod (I think that's the name of the collection). It's pretty, and big, and it holds ALL of my school supplies for even and odd days at the same time (We have half our classes on 1 day, the other half on another day), which is great because that means there will be lots of extra room. It's hot pink on the inside (not my favorite part), and it's light weight so I wont have back problems at the end of the year.

I really love this bag.

Oh, I got it at Marshals. Which means it was super cheap, It went from $90 to $35 to $20 and I got it for $15. And it's Eco friendly, which is always a plus.

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  1. Great minds really must think alike! Love the bag

  2. That is a really cute bag! Love it!